Life Worth Living an all-new book penned by Dr. John Strubhar is set to release soon. This book revolves around the true story of Jonah and its teachings about God and the need to take Him seriously when His ways seem contrary to our ways. Believe in Him and his teachings.

Life Worth Living an all-new book by Dr. John Strubhar, is all set to be released soon. This book revolves around original story of Jonah and how God helped him discover the right lessons and learn His ways even though he kept failing Him.

The author was quoted as saying, “While it is a Bible Story inspired by God, there is a lesson in it for everyone. It teaches the importance of believing in God and not leaving Him aside, living life only on our terms.”

The author is hopeful that the book will resonate with the masses and it will allow people to truly believe in the spirit of God and do their best to follow His directions. This is an intriguing and thought-provoking bible story that speaks of the different ways Jonah seeks to refute refutes the message of God, and continuing to lean on into his human feelings without sticking to his faith. God keeps on helping him and showing him the right way but his stubbornness paves the way for his own discouragement and defeat.

The author is extremely optimistic that most of the readers are going to take the right message from the book and they will be very elated and satisfied with the whole plot. The book aims at leaving a positive lesson and guiding the readers in the right direction.

Jonah’s life is a lesson for many and so the author believes that he can use the story and his book as a means to tutor people to take God seriously and discover a new found faith in the Almighty.

About Dr. John Strubhar

Dr. John Strubhar believes very strongly in the Almighty and he is well versed with the different bible stories. This gave him the impetus to write this book that speaks of the tale of Jonah and why it is important to trust God when we think we know better than God.