Christian author and pastor, Richard Earl Blake has released a new book that documents the fear and trauma of abuse to help readers better understand the root of the problem so they can guard themselves against it. Titled Shut Up!: Just Be a “Damn” Man, the new book is a true document of issues that follow a child after being abused, and follows the life of a 4-year-old male victim well into his sixties.

As opposed to simply pointing fingers, Shut Up!: Just Be a “Damn” Man, digs deep into the root cause of such destructive behavior to better understand the factors that deprive perpetrators of trusting and loving as normal people would.

Through the pages of the book, Richard Blake introduces readers to the fear and sadness that corrupt the man’s heart and file him into a tool of destruction. The author clinically exposes the thought processes and trauma that armed his resentment for being robbed of a childhood that should have normally been filled with laughter and happiness, but was instead wrought with pain.

As the story unfolds, readers will come to understand abuse differently and begin to see the cry for help by broken souls with nowhere to go, who use abuse as an outlet to release the anger stored up over the years.

Describing abuse as similar to a flu shot or a smallpox vaccine that makes its victims immune to trust and the feeling of knowing real love, Richard Blake says he hopes his book will help parents realize that the danger of abuse lurks everywhere, so they can better watch their children.

“I hope this book will open the eyes of parents everywhere that an abused person can be in every profession from the hospital to nursing home, school to churches and folks of authority. There is no place in society where it does not exist, just waiting to rear its ugly head.”

Although the book demands that people rationally view the subject of abuse so they can fully understand and be able to prevent it, Richard Blake has however reiterated his support for punishing perpetrators. He however warns that discipline should only be used as a tool for creating a better society, and not trying to control one another.

Shut Up!: Just Be a “Damn” Man is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About The Author

Richard Earl Blake, also known as Richard Earl Underwood, is a Christian author and community pastor living in Georgia, USA. The U.S. Army veteran served in Vietnam as an infantryman in the USMC and was discharged with honours. Early dedicates his recent work to his children and thanks God for giving him the courage to write the book.