William T. Smith Releases His New Book ‘Revelation: The Mercy Seat of God’

Titled ‘Revelation: the mercy seat of God’, this is a fiction book that tells people about Jesus and His salvation.


William T. Smith has released his new book titled ‘Revelation: the mercy seat of God’ to a strong response. He believes strongly in Jesus, and therefore his book is all about the celebration of faith and belief. The main aim of the book is to let people know what the Seat of Mercy means and why it assumes such huge importance.

As per the Christian belief, Jesus sits on the right side of the Father on the mercy seat. So, whenever someone goes to the Father to plead forgiveness, Jesus is right there to listen. Being a man with a big heart, he knows how to forgive easily, and so he is right there to grant mercy.

The author William T. Smith was quoted as saying, “I am really pleased with the response my book is already getting. I have always been a regular at the church and take the Bible seriously. This is why I wanted to write a book that could emphasize on the seat of mercy and help people clear the details about this aspect.”

Born in Morgan County, Illinois, William T. Smith is the grandfather of six grandchildren and the father of three children who previously served as the former employee of a plant. He adores spending time with his family and gives time to his Church and Hospice as well. He has a strong connection with the lord and wants more and more people to understand these details.

He believes that everyone should make it a point to explore these topics as with the help of such books, one can strengthen their belief and faith in God and thereby seek forgiveness for the wrongs they do.

All those who want to know more about the mercy seat and its related details should make it a point to grab a copy of the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

About William T. Smith
William T. Smith is a retired plant worker who now volunteers for both the hospice and his church. He believes strongly in Jesus and loves to write about the different beliefs and the Bible stories he believes the world should know more about.

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