War Nurse Pens Down the Memoirs of Her Time Spent in Vietnam’s Combat Zone in Her Book – M*A*S*H Vietnam

The book shows how one young nurse spent time in a Mobile Army
Surgical Hospital in South Vietnam in the middle of a combat zone and
faced the horrors of war.


In this book M*A*S*H Vietnam: What it’s like to be a war nurse, Griess has written about her experiences while serving in Vietnam as a combat nurse. The author, Lorna Griess, spent 30 years of her life as an army nurse serving in hospitals worldwide and retired as a full colonel and chief nurse at Letterman Army Medical Center. Griess was on a search for a new challenge after retiring from the military when she decided to pen down her memoirs from the time she spent in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) in Vietnam’s combat zone.

Her goal was to capture the authentic accounts of her time spent there as a young
nurse who saw the horrors of war firsthand. M*A*S*H gives a backstage view of the
conditions in which she performed her duties, which were full of chaos, uncertainty,
and stress. What it was like to constantly movie, treat the wounded, work under the
impending life threat and the traumas it can leave on those involved. “It was all so
real. I want people to know how hard we worked and fought against the odds,” she

The book also sheds light on another battle Griess had to fight, the emotional one when returning home. She had mixed emotions and was uncertain about how people close to her would treat her back home. Whether or not they’ll be able to relate to someone who’s seen the war as close as anyone can. Griess’ book has been praised for its realistic portrayal of a period that is often misunderstood. Anyone looking to read this middle of the war memorial to get an idea of how it affects the lives of those on the front lines can order it on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats.


About Lorna Griess:

Lorna Griess made the Army Nurse Corps her career after her tour in Vietnam. She served in hospitals worldwide for almost thirty years and retired as a full colonel and chief nurse at Letterman Army Medical Center on the Presidio in San Francisco (now closed). Fully retired from nursing, she joined the Military Officers Association of America, California Council of Chapters, and became their legislative liaison. Griess serves as a veterans’ advocate in the California State Legislature. She also is a member of several other veterans’ organizations, including Vietnam Veterans, AMVETS, and VFW. She writes articles reporting on current legislation for local newsletters. For relaxation, she has become an artist. Her oil paintings have been on display at several galleries around Sacramento, including the Crocker Art Gallery.

Website: https://authorlornagriess.com

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