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Artists in San Miguel and Othe Stories

 Author: Francisco Javier Morales  Category: Fantasy  Publisher: Bennett Media and Marketing  ISBN: 9781957114422  Pages: 98  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6" x 9"

Artists in San Miguel and Other Stories is a collection of short stories where animals are the main characters. Some are lighthearted and fun, others explore nature and how we interact with the world. Others are filled with sorrow and grief as loves go unrealized, hearts are broken, and myths are explored. Each story focuses on an aspect of life that mirrors our own and shows readers that nature is not so different from what we endure. Most of the stories are based in Mexico and provide a wealth of caring and emotion that can only be found by those who are at peace with themselves and realize there is a greater world surrounding us that we should all be aware of, and enjoy as an extension of our world, and preserve.