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Find Edsell!

 Author: Elsa Bonstein  Category: Suspense and Thrillers  Publisher: Bennett Media and Marketing  ISBN: 9781957114347  Pages: 368  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6" x 9"

It is long past midnight on the New Jersey shore. A van rolls slowly down the street. The driver smiles when he spots seventeen-year-old Edsell Jones stumbling out of a house and down the street. He pulls up to Edsell and offers him a ride home. Edsell falls asleep on the way and the man drives into the darkness of the nearby Pine Barrens. When Lorraine Jones arrives home the next morning after working the midnight shift, her son has disappeared. She calls the police, then makes a desperate plea to his friends, begging them to find her son. The search leads to an old farmhouse in the Pine Barrens. They hear screams coming from the building. What is going on? Adults and teens join together to FIND EDSELL! They encounter an international plot, a medical mystery and a fiery hell in the desolate pinewoods.