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Mother Nature’s Revenge

 Author: Ronald Barnes  Category: Non Fiction  Publisher: Bennett Media and Marketing  ISBN: 9781957114712  Pages: 294  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6" x 9"

This book is only one of many contributions that identify the reality and seriousness of climate change in our world. Many science experts, an overwhelming number of experts and organizations, (Appendix 1) have raised the issue of the immediate necessity to address climate change but to no significant notice on the part of conservative politicians, the rich and wealthy and the companies that pollute our environment. For the average citizen, climate change explained using scientific rationale and descriptions may contain concepts that are difficult to grasp for the average citizen. It is the intent of this book to explain and address the problem of climate change in ways the average, non-scientific person can understand. Greed is a factor inhibiting climate change weighs in the failure of American and world politicians to act and support the cause to reverse the warming of our planet. What this book does is correlate the phenomena of climate change to industrialization, population increase, proliferation of fossil fuel emissions, and changes in the environmental phenomena of our world. Hypothesis there is no coincidence in the relationship between fossil fuel emissions, population increase, human behavior, industrialization, and global warming, is reinforced by the evidence presented in this book. There is a causal, stimulus / response relationship between human behavior and global warming. Why humans fail to address the issue of climate change in a significantly actionable manner indicates the shortsightedness and incompetence of our world leaders. It also indicates the frivolous casual way some people deal with the issue. One can hypothesize the value system of our world leaders and several individuals is seriously flawed in preference of money over life. One can also argue that the psychology of politicians is likewise flawed, as they operate with an incompetence that has potential to destroy our world. This book does not claim that global warming is not a significant issue with many individuals. What it does claim is that those individuals (world leaders) are lax in their responsibility to deal with the problem