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Spiritual Breadcrumbs from the Universe

 Author: Jim Brown  Category: Self-Help  Publisher: Bennett Media and Marketing  ISBN: 9781957114040  Pages: 232  Country: United States  Language: English  Dimension: 6" x 9"

Spiritual Breadcrumbs from the Universe: Insights into a More Meaningful is a collection of personal thoughts, questions, and bits of wisdom designed to encourage readers to heal wounds and discover a sense of spirituality that can help push through past pain and find a way back to that special place of unconditional love and hope. Broken into two distinct parts; matters of the heart and matters of the mind, this book is laid out in a pattern of breadcrumbs for readers to follow on their journey of spiritual awakening and a life of wholeness. Jim goes to great lengths to enable understanding and awareness by awakening your inner power. Once accomplished, there is freedom in actions. Each chapter in Spiritual Breadcrumbs is a successive journey to breaking the cycle of seeking validation from others and listening to your heart and mind instead. Spiritual Breadcrumbs from the Universe is a moving, emotional journey we each must take to find solace and rise above the trials threatening to drag us down. Prepare to stretch your mind like never before and awaken your spiritual side.