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Do I need to have a literary agent to self-publish a book?

Many self-published authors are mostly comfortable doing things on their own which is why they usually do not need a literary agent. If you are self-publishing, you will be the master of your publishing journey and at the same time, you will know more about the industry you’re operating the business in. Meanwhile, literary agents often called publishing agents or book agents, will simply submit your manuscript to major industry players in hopes that they will take notice, buy your manuscript, and invest in your book. They handle projects with no guarantees of success on a fee-based arrangement. Thus, hiring these literary agents won’t be a guarantee that your book will be picked up by traditional publishers. In fact, around 98% of unsolicited manuscript handled by book agents are rejected by traditional publishers. In other words, you may need to consider the following things before you decide in hiring a literary agent for your book:

Literary agents can be expensive. They may even charge read fees.

Success in not guaranteed when you hire a literary agent to represent your book to Traditional publishers.

There are no licensing requirements to become a literary agent.

This is where our team came in the picture. Bennet Media & Marketing will help you become published authors without having to hire a literary agent. In other words, you can bypass literary agents. Instead, you can have an in-depth conversation with our publishing specialist to discuss your project goals and then choose the services that align with your budget and goals. From polishing your book to promoting your book to different platforms, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production, and promotion of your book. Overall, you definitely have the final say on how your book should be done and how it should look like.

If you have been considering hiring a literary agent or contacting various literary agents and want to learn more about self-publishing your book, you owe it to yourself to contact Bennet Media & Marketing.

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