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Formatting guidelines

The following are some of the formatting concerns we need to keep an eye on.

Multiple Files: We prefer that you put multiple word processing documents into a single file. We offer a merging service for $5.00 per file. For more information on how to merge files, refer to the Book Formatting section of the FAQs.

Fonts: Bennet Media and Marketing has a library of over 300 fonts, including the most popular ones used in publishing today. If your manuscript uses a font that is not on the Bennet Media and Marketing font list, you may consult with Author Services Representative to choose another option. You may also request a copy of the font list available.

Hard Returns: A “hard return” is also known as the “enter” or “return” command on your keyboard. It is most commonly used to separate paragraphs within a document. A common misuse of the “hard return” is to place it at the end of a single line of text to begin the text on the next line. This can cause “bad paragraph breaks” within a document, making it difficult to determine where your paragraphs begin and end. To avoid this issue, begin a new paragraph and continue typing until the paragraph is complete, allowing your program to break the lines automatically. For more information about hard returns, refer to the Book Formatting section of the FAQs.

Manual headers and page numbers: There are some authors who would unnecessarily enter his/her name, book title, page number or any combination of these at the top or the bottom of each page. Manual page numbers and headers create similar issues to hitting the enter key at the end of every line. To avoid this issue, use the automatic page numbers and other information in a header or footer.

Margins: Your book has two types of margins: Exterior (top, bottom, and outer edge) and interior or “gutter,” where the book is bound. When a manuscript is converted from an 8.5” x 11” size document into a different size, such as 6” x 9”, the margins can change drastically. Often, the new margins will cause text to shift or lines to break differently from the original manuscript. If you have decided on your book size, your Author Services Representative can provide the margins for the new page size.

Conversion Errors: Conversion errors are caused when converting one file type to another. This may cause shifting characters, section breaks added to a document, and broken paragraphs. Generally, most conversion errors can be fixed with a global replacement of one type or another. We have provided a list of the files we accept and can covert in the Submitting electronic files section.

Languages: Bennet Media and Marketing accepts manuscripts in English and Spanish languages only.

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