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What do I need to know before I pursue self-publishing with Bennett Media & Marketing?

Self-publishing is an easier and faster route than working with a traditional publisher. If you have everything ready given that you have also followed our guidelines, you can already print your own book and have it available for worldwide distribution within four months of the date we receive the manuscript.

You don’t need to be technologically savvy to self-publish with us. With the technical skills and knowledge that our team has, we can help you get started. We will provide you with all the assistance you need in becoming a published author. Our team has the technology to help you with all the nitty-gritty aspects of the publishing industry. All you need to do is write your story and we’ll make it a priority!

Get a free publishing consultation

The self-publishing process starts with an in-depth conversation with a publishing consultant to discuss your project. Our team will help you decide and choose the services that align with your budget and goals. From copy editing to promotional press releases, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production, and promotion of your book.

Your manuscript should be in digital format otherwise, you may need to encode it yourself before submission or take advantage of our data entry services. Our preferred file formats are Word or Adobe InDesign. This way, you will have more direct control to the appearance and content of your book. To ensure that your manuscript is ready for publishing, kindly review the content of your manuscript carefully and complete all final revisions before submission. Although you’ll be able to review an interior and cover of your book and make revisions before it is printed, you’ll have the first copy of your book quicker if final editing is done before the publishing process.

We also provide indexing and copy-editing services. If your book has an index, all you need to do is simply send us a list of words you wish to include, and we will auto-create the index for you. We cannot hand-pick the indexes manually. Moreover, you can also choose from our copy-editing services. When it comes to self-publishing, we highly recommend having your book edited to avoid grammatical errors and typos. We would like your book to look professional since the goal is to impress your potential readers. Please note that our copy editors will not edit your manuscript for content or style changes since as an author, we will let you have control over how to publish your story, as well as the exact content of your book.

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