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Verifying the PDF file

After the PDF is created, verify that the fonts are embedded. Select File→Document Info→Fonts. When the font info windows appear, select List All Fonts. Each font listed should have “Embedded Subset” listed after it. 

After checking the fonts, print a few test pages. Pages with graphics and full text are good samples to test. Make sure your printer is NOT set to the “Fit To Page” option, or your margins will be incorrect on your test pages. 

To ensure that your margins are set correctly, measure the space from the edge of the paper to the outer edge of the printed text. Your measurements should be to the same as the margins you set during the first phase of creating the PDF. 

If the fonts are embedded and the margins are equal to or greater than the listed requirement, then file is ready to submit. If the margins are not correct or the fonts are not embedded, review your work and adjust. 

Once we receive your PDF file, your Author Services Representative will review the file to ensure it meets our requirements. If your PDF does not meet these requirements, your Author Services Representative can help troubleshoot the document and advise you on how to proceed. 

Sending an electronic manuscript to Bennet Media and Marketing 


You can send your manuscript in through e-mail as an attachment. For other methods, you may speak with your Author Services Representative. 

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