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What are best practices to make sure my manuscript and materials meet the standards of content evaluation?

Kindly follow these general guidelines to help ensure that your manuscript and materials meet our evaluation standards:

  • Copyright and Original Content
  • At least 75 percent of your book’s content must be original
  • Quoted poetry and song lyric content cannot be longer than eight lines.
  • Quoted article content can be no longer than three sentences or 10 percent of the entire article.
  • Quoted book content can be no longer than 500 words.
  • Libel and Privacy
  • To avoid libel and protect the privacy of living people referenced in your book, you must:
  • Change or remove the author’s name and/or the names of people referenced in the manuscript or materials
  • Change or remove the names of locations, businesses, organizations, educational establishments, etc. where the events in the manuscript and/or materials take place.
  • Remove images (including front and back cover images) that reveal the identification of people or locations referenced in the manuscript and/or materials.
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