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What are my marketing options?

For more information about your marketing options, refer to the Marketing Services link.


Advertising  A cost-effective way to get your book recognized in some of the leading print media in the United States. 

Audiobook/Audio Formats  Connect with listeners and enhance your brand. Increase your audience with audiobooks in this growing platform. 

Book Signing and GalleriesInteract with your audience in a book signing event, or by displaying your book in book fairs. People like to read more from people they know. 

Book Exhibits and Conferences  Promote your book in exhibits at major book industry events worldwide. 

Bookstore Fundamentals  See your work featured in the biggest bookstores across the country and gain more exposure. Retailers can purchase in bulk and have your book and displayed on their shelves. 

Book Reviews Literary reviews help build your exposure and marketing platforms. 

Cinema Advertising Promote your book on the big screen and reach out to younger audiences. 

Direct Marketing Gain exposure for your book’s upcoming release by using personalized bookmarks, postcards, or business cards. 

Email Campaigns An inexpensive but effective method to address your targeted readers and promote your book. 

Events Showcase your book in physical and digital exhibits in major book fairs around the world. 

Genre-specific Marketing Bring your book to your targeted audience with an ad in a genre-specific magazine. 

Hollywood Book-to-Screen For authors who dream of seeing their books come to life on the big screen, Bennet Media and Marketing can help you get your book to producers and pitch your story professionally. 

Internet-based Marketing It takes an amount of work to gather skills needed to create an effective online marketing campaign. Bennet Media and Marketing will help you establish your brand and a strong online presence and expand your audience. 

Internet Marketing and Video The Internet is a powerful venue for promoting and driving your book sales. Bennet Media and Marketing will help you build an online platform and increase awareness for your book. 

Online Print Advertising Advertise your book with an online campaign that’s relatively cheaper compared to print advertising and give your targeted readers a memorable experience. 

Online Video Advertising Today’s authors are making use of video marketing to get discovered. Give your audience an amazing preview by presenting to them your video book trailer.  

Print Advertising Promote your book in established print publications. 

Printed Materials Printed materials increase awareness of your book and boost book sales. Bookmarks, postcards, and business cards are completely customizable with your book cover, website, and other important details. 

Publicity Campaigns Bennet Media and Marketing’s publicity specialists will help you design a campaign suited for you and your message. 

Press Release Services Bennet Media and Marketing’s press release specialists acknowledge the need for authors to be able to contact the media in a professional manner. Our team will draft a press release for your approval and send to targeted media across the United States. 

Radio Services Radio is another way to amplify your message and reach out to audiences within your geographical location and boost your exposure and sales. 

Reader’s Digest Marketing Increase awareness for your book with one of the most influential and iconic worldwide magazine publisher and distributor. 

Television Advertising Television is one of the most widely used forms of media, and a highly effective way to spread the word about your book and form a lasting impression with your audience. 

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