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What Happens During the Illustration Process?

Upon completion and submission of your Custom Illustrations form, our Illustrations specialist reviews it and assigns an artist to do your illustrations.

Within 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive copies of the initial sketches for your review. At this time, you can also make revisions to your illustrations.

Note: If there are revisions, we will put your project back into queue in the order it was received and will take two weeks to be completed. You have one round of complimentary revisions at the sketch page. Sketch revisions are limited, depending on the complexity and time to make such changes. For instance, changing the color of a character’s shirt is a reasonable sketch revision, but wanting a completely new concept is considered a brand-new illustration. This may incur charges as our illustrator will have to create an entirely new sketch.

Once we have received your approval to go to final art, it will then take approximately 4 weeks to complete your final illustrations.

Note: You are limited to 1 round of complimentary color revisions at final art stage. If you want to make revisions to final art beyond color modifications, you will incur additional charges to make those changes or may be required to purchase a completely new illustration. We reserve the right to make that determination based on your requested changes.

You will then receive copies of the completed illustrations for review. Our team will let you sign an illustration approval form before moves on to production.

What are the different levels of illustration artistry available in Bennet Media and Marketing

The different levels of illustration artistry are:

Personal Touch -L1 Illustrations are hand-drawn and consist of simple, clean line art, and then colored digitally with one-dimensional colors. Does not have shadings or highlights. This is like coloring book art.

Fine Detail -L2 Illustrations are hand-drawn and consist of medium-detail line art, and then colored digitally with minimal shading and highlighting to create a three-dimensional look.

Intricate Design -L3 Art is created by hand with a higher level of line art details, shading, highlighting and blending to create a three-dimensional look. This is the only level where the art can be colored either digitally, or with a watercolor, or a colored pencil look.

Custom Quote -L4 Illustrations are highly rendered and beyond our Intricate Design Services. These illustrations include hand-drawn or painted art in any of these media: Acrylics, highly detailed watercolors and very detailed pastels or charcoal, and any type of three-dimension Disney Pixar level of detail. Note: This is a special offering that requires a custom quote by our Art Director prior to acquiring these services.

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