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What types of books are ineligible for a Library of Congress Control Number?

The Library of Congress sets strict guidelines about which books may receive a Library of Congress Control Number. 


According to the Library of Congress, the following types of books are ineligible for an LCCN: 


Books which do not list a U.S. city as place of publication on the title page or copyright page 

eBooks (electronic books) 

Items under 50 pages, except for genealogies and children’s literature 

Government documents 

Religious instructional materials: materials for classes at all grade levels, vacation Bible school materials, confirmation studies, etc. 

Expendable educational materials: laboratory manuals, teachers’ manuals, programmed instruction test sheets, workbooks, activity books, etc. 

Transitory or consumable materials: trade catalogs, telephone books, calendars, coloring books, comic books, cutout books, etc. 

Translations, except Spanish 

Textbooks below the college level 

For a complete list of which types of books are ineligible for an LCCN, visit the Library of Congress website. 

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