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The publishing industry has gone a long way. It has even extended its reach into the digital platform to the point where known authors can comment on your work. It is true that this will help build credibility to your literary work. However, you will still need the credibility that comes with a professional, unbiased book review. That’s where BlueInk Review comes in. 

About BlueInk Review 

BlueInk Reviews is the premier source for book reviews for self-publishing authors. Founded in 2010 to fill the void of credible, professional book reviews for independent authors, they have since reviewed more than 6,000 titles and earned the respect of the indie community. They are now a go-to site for reviews and information about self-publishing. had over 60,000 unique visitors last year. This is a highly targeted niche market that allows you to reach prime customers. 

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BlueInk and Clarion Duo

Clarion partnered with BlueInk Review to offer you a special two-review package. BlueInk Review was founded by literary agent Patricia Moosbrugger and award-winning former book review editor of the Rocky Mountain News, Patti Thorn, and offers reviews written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at respected publishing houses. 


What you get: 

Clarion Review - A Clarion Review provides three important elements to be used immediately in your marketing efforts: 

The Money Quote 

Placed on top of the review, this powerful testimonial boils down the entire piece into one sentence, telling readers instantly what distinguishes this book. Clarion Money Quotes use active, dynamic language that can be lifted easily for promotional purposes. 

The First Paragraph 

This well-written introduction tells readers, in a compact, conversational, positive way, what the book is about and what our reviewer thought of it. It could also stand alone, if necessary, as a one-paragraph mini-review. 

The Star Rating 

We'll give you 400-600 words detailing much more than a mere plot synopsis. Clarion Reviews give authors and readers a comprehensive critique of the writing, plot, pacing, characters, packaging, and other elements that will influence potential book buyers. The reader will not only know what the book is about, they will get a complete analysis from a professional writer who specializes in specific fields of study (book genres). Your book will be rated with one to five stars based on excellence. 

Blueink Review 

BlueInk Reviews are written by a professional book reviewer within 4-6 weeks. Your book will have between 250-300 words in length.  

With your permission, BlueInk Review posts finished reviews to their website which is specifically designed to be user-friendly for readers, librarians, agents, and editors. 

Like Clarion Reviews, BlueInk Reviews are also distributed to important licensees some of which include Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases (used by over 70,000 booksellers and librarians), the iDream Books website, and more. 

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