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As an indie author, it can be a relentless struggle to gain a significant amount of attention to your book or manuscript. By purchasing a Kirkus indie review, you have the opportunity to build some name recognition and get noticed by agents, publishers and other industry influencers. Kirkus has been an industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews since 1933 and has helped countless authors build credibility in the publishing realm ever since.  

About Kirkus 


Founded in 1933, Kirkus has been an authoritative voice in book discovery for more than 85 years. Kirkus’ reputation for being the world’s toughest book critics lends credibility to unknown authors by giving consumers an opinion they can trust. Most often than not, this will serve as the first indicator of a book’s value to book industry professionals. 

What you get: 

Your book will have an unbiased and professional review from the most qualified editors.  

The review will have about 250-300 words which includes a summary to give your readers context, along with a concise, unbiased opinion that can be positive, negative, or, most likely, mixed. 

You will receive a general sense of your book’s worth with specific information about its strengths and weaknesses. 

Fulfillment Report - Once the review is available, we will send you an email containing the link where you can view your review online. You can publish the review and use it to market your book to consumers or to try to catch the attention of a literary agent or publisher. 

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