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Coffee Shop Ministries


“Coffee Shop Ministries” represents about twenty-five short stories about every day people often over a cup of tea or coffee. The encounters were mostly strangers, whose lives were changed or their stories deeply affected this author to write about them. Readers often commented on the writings with words that implied the meetings were not accidental. Many referred to them as divine appointments. Several stories followed as a result of the readers sharing their lives with this author to capture as well. This author desires for the world to know that we are not alone in our journey, especially spiritually. As many of the people in these stories have been encouraged, it is this author’s hope that many more can also benefit by reading them. The characters in the stories are real people with hope restored, joy uplifted, and lives changed for the better.

Coffee Shop Ministries represent short stories about everyday encounters with people while sharing a cup of tea or coffee. The question that is raised, however, is “Were these accidental meetings or divine appointments?” Dennis felt led to capture these accounts and share them with the world. Some examples of responses to stories in the book are:

“Thank you for your gift of sharing God’s love through your writings… especially for allowing me to sip tea at your “Coffee Shop Cafe”. Just reading about the encounters added light to many dismal days. Oh, how I long for your coffee shop fellowship during these times.” Isileen Webb (Florida)

“I really love this book! I think you have done a great job. The only thing Joe and I didn’t really care for were the names you gave us, Jane & Dick. Please feel free to use our real names we do not mind at all!” Joe and Debby (Alabama) Note: This couple’s story is the chapter titled “The Young Couple.”

Dennis a. Mcintyre is a native of Rochester, New York, and served as a technical writer for over forty years before retirement. He published his first book-an autobiographical work entitled Legacy of Love-in 2008. McIntyre currently resides in Dacula, Georgia, and serves as an active member of Anchor Church. Dennis began writing as a coping mechanism after the loss of his wife of 38 years. Most of his works were based on everyday people, whose lives either had a positive influence on him or he encourage others through trust in God.

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