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Personal Achievements


She looked at me attentively, and I think that she perhaps guessed that instead of feeling like a good-for-nothing, I was beginning to get angry. I saw that her gorgeous green eyes blinked too much. She gave me the impression that she thought for an instant just what she was going to say to me and then changed her strategy. Now, the tone of her voice and her attitude were less hostile and more amiable. She went from the hard and merciless character to that of an ingenious and tender negotiator. With sweet words almost dripping in honey, she told me,”Javier, my love, be a good friend. I ask you please not to seek me again. You know what?

Francisco Javier Morales Ercambrack was born in Mexico City in 1955, has a B.A. in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico City, and an M. A. in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K. His interest in literature comes from when he studied high school at the Modern American School in Mexico City. In this school special emphasis was made on literature, both English and Spanish. There he became acquainted with English novels of the nineteen century and the first half of twentieth-century, as well as classical Spanish authors. Literature for Javier is much more than an important hobby because for him literature is a way to understand and learn about the world. In 1977 he won a silver money-box at the XII contest of short stories organized by the Spanish Association of Savings and Loans Institutions with his short story called The Towers (Las Torres). At present, Javier has self-published four books: one short story book (Artists in San Miguel and Other Stories) and three novels (Personal Achievements, Wet Grass, and On & Off).

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