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Shut Up!: Just Be a “Damn” Man!


This book is a true document of issues that follow a child after being abused, it covers a life span of a male child of 4 years to a man well into his sixties. It covers the fear, the mindset that turns his thoughts of hatred and the feeling of being robbed of a childhood that should have been filled with laughter and happiness, to that of being afraid to trust and to love as a normal person would.

This is a book that I hope uncovers the reasons for much of the use of abuse as an outlet to release the anger that one stores up over the years. As an expression of a cry for help, with nowhere to go or no one to understand what you’re going through.

This book also covers the different phases of life you go through trying to find the right answers that may give peace from the guilt and shame you had nothing to do with, but it’s inserted in you like a flue shoot or a smallpox vaccine, it makes you immune to trust and the feeling of knowing real love. That everything about those two words and what they stand for, are false and just something in the imagination.

Finally, I hope this book will open the eyes of parents everywhere that an abused person can be in every profession from the hospital to nursing home, school to churches and folks of authority. There is no place in society where it does not exist, just waiting to rear its ugly head.

Yes those that cause abuse should be punished especially if it ends in a loss of life, but on the other hand, to find help and as a way to create a better society. Not to use it as a tool for women to dominate men or men to use women, but to make us all better human beings.

Thank you again for your support.

I was born in a little town called Muncie Indiana known for one of the best small colleges in the county(Ball State university) I was born January 20th 1946 on one of the coldest days of the year, to Oliver Underwood Sr. and Grace Jean Blake. They moved to Elkhart, Indiana when I was very young, still a new born as I understand it.

Most of everything else me is in my book. As for me now I`m 76 years old have 8 children and 19 grandchildren and 7 greats, I am a Pastor and a born again believer in Christ.

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