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The Little Ones Cities


THE LITTLE ONES CITIES: imagine, if there’s an entire city where its residents are all kids (only good kids), imagine, that within this amazing city there’s groups of individuals called (bright minds), with (teams of adult grannies) to gradually supervise them. Imagine, that the imaginations of these individuals not only make great contributions to better our world. Now, imagine that everyone inside (the little ones) city wants to be in (bright minds). Imagine, now that (bright minds) created the most breathtaking amusement park designed solely by kids, but constructed by adults. I know what you’re thinking where’s the parents, they live close by in neighboring states or regions. The parents come visit the (little ones) cities in a scheduled format, to spend time with their kids. Now, imagine that every kid on Earth wants to live within the (little ones) city, and now the adults are planning to help them expand from a city to many cities worldwide. Where all things are possible but not limited to being a kid.

I worked many years as a manager in the local government in Miami, Florida. I went to school in MDCC and FIU, I’m into physical fitness owning my own gym and I love music having my own music studio. Nowadays, I’m so proud of being a film content writer where it started from being an author, writer, and artist. I am currently involved in many future projects, so buckle up and enjoy my journey.

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